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Humans are balanced - adaptable and resilient; they are the jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. They are able to succeed in any pursuit, be it close-quarters combat, ranged attacks, or the demands of learning photon arts.

  • A Human Male
  • A Human Female


Although not nearly as physically strong as Humans or CAST, Newmans have a tremendous aptitude for photon arts. While they can ably wield other weapons, they are unrivaled in their ability to learn, use, and withstand photon powers.

It is said that the Newmans first arrived from bio-engineering experiments the Void Organization produced, along with the CASTs and Mags. They are an offshoot of Humans that maximized photon ability via genetic manipulation.

  • A Newman Male
  • A Newman Female


The fully robotic CAST has all the strength and endurance one would expect from beings of their kind. While weak in their ability to handle photon arts due to their artificial bodies, their precision and fighting abilities are unmatched. CASTs have the unique ability to hover instead of walking, when the option is selected via the Salon Shop.


It is said that the CASTs sometimes are made when a body of a Human or Newman is too weak to support their photon power, thus are transplanted into a CAST body. The memories of those before transplantation into the CAST frame are usually lost in the process, leading to some CASTs to wonder if they had consented prior to transferring to their new bodies.

  • A CAST Male
  • A CAST Female


Dewmans are a damage focused race. They have lower defensive stats, but higher offensive stats. They have a horn on their head and have different colored eyes. Males have one horn, while females have two.

Dewmans are the direct result of experimentation of splicing Darker DNA with that of a biological host. This allow recessive Darker genes in them that gives them a powerful boost in photon control, allowing them to achieve high potential of utilizing their photons in the classes they master. They are distinctively similar to Humans with the exception of their horns and artificial photon eye. Humans and Newmans can be converted into Dewmans via an unknown process similar to CAST transfers.

  • A Dewman Male
  • A Dewman Female