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Useful Links

If you have not edited a wiki before, please read:

  1. Policy

Don't be surprised if other people crack down on you if you don't follow the policy.

Question and Answer - If you have questions for editors or requests for information, please put them on the discussion/talk pages of the articles.

Wikipedia Cheatsheet - Alot of the wiki code can be found here.

Media Wiki Help - If you want to try and learn more, you can check out MediaWiki's help pages.

General Tips

  • Next to the "save page" button is a preview button. Please use it so that Recent Changes doesn't become clogged.
  • Correct spelling gets you 13* units(not really).
  • If you use information from another source(Sega, etc), link the source.
  • If you don't know how to format a page, go to a page that you think is similar and click on "edit", and base your edits off of that.
    • Do not change this code, if you want to experiment do it on your userpage.
    • Look at the code until you see something you can use
    • Copy the code that you need as well as making note of other parts that are necessary
    • Paste it onto the page that you're working on.
    • Replace the text as needed.

Where a New Editor Can Help

Please check out:

Find a Vandal?

Vandalism includes:

Ban length Reason
3 days One/two poor/false/mildly offensive edits on one or two pages.
6 days Poor edits on many pages
Adding blatantly false information to pages
Blanking a page
Permanent Advertisement
Very offensive language
Continued bannable behavior after previous offenses.

If you find any acts of vandalism, go ahead and revert the change, taking to put, "Vandalism" within the summary.

How to Get Pictures Suitable for Wiki Use

  1. Go to System>Options>Basic Settings and change Screenshot Settings from BMP to PNG.
  2. Press Print Screen (Prnt Scrn) key on the keyboard.
  3. Screenshots will usually be saved under MyDocuments>SEGA>PHANTASYSTARONLINE2>pictures
  4. Crop your image to desired size with image editor of choice.
  5. Save as .png to maintain 100% quality (uncompressed).
  • When uploading to Arks-Visiphone, be sure to make certain the file ending ends in .png

How to Request a Deletion

  • use the following code on the image or page you think should be deleted:
  • Supply reasoning for deletion in the summary of edit, otherwise the deletion tag will be removed.

Coding Tips

Making Links

  • [[Link Name]] - Wrapping a link with brackets will turn it into a clickable link
  • [[True Link | Link as it appears]] - If you want the Link Name to appear as something else

Image Links

  • [[Image:Image_Name.ext | link=Page_Name]] - Replaces the link to an image's file page with a link to another page.

Category Links

  • [[:Category:Category_Name]] - links to the Category page itself
    • [[:Category:Category_Name | Replacement_Text]] -similar to True link from Making Links
  • [[Category:Category_Name]] -lists the page where this is used at the bottom of the category page

Redirect code

  • #redirect[[link]] makes a redirect, i.e. an automatic link elsewhere
    • It really helps newbies to the wiki use the search function.
    • Can also be used on pages that would have had the same content as the target page but use variations of the spelling of a target page's title or use different words that mean the same thing as the target page's title.
    • To go to a redirect page click on a link that uses the redirect page's title and do the following (if you cant find a page with a link then simply edit any page, create the link, DON'T SAVE THE PAGE, go to preview instead and click on the link);
    • This will take you to the target page of the redirect and not the redirect page itself.
    • However, immediately under the target page's title will be "(Redirected from [Redirects Page's Title])."
    • Whatever replaces Redirects Page's Title will be a link to the redirect page, click on it and you will (finally!) be taken to the redirect page itself.
  • #redirect [[Page_Name#Section_or_Anchor_Name]] - as above but redirects links to a section header or anchor on another page. Used a lot to have a monster's name linked directly to the specific monster.
  • #redirect [[:Category:Category_Name]] - as above but redirects links to a category page.
    • As category pages cannot be "moved" then this can be entered manually to have an existing category page redirect to another category page. Note that, this can also be used to have links to a normal page redirected to a category page.
    • Note: Don't forget to add the first colon (i.e., ":") in front of the word "Category", otherwise the page won't just redirect to the desired category page, but will also be listed on it.

Making Lists

Bullet points

Bullet points are made by using an asterisk, *. Using more than one indents the bulletpoint

* Dark Falz


  • Dark Falz
    • Apprentice
      • Demise
  • Drops
    • Rares

Numbered list

Number signs create easy lists

# example1
# example2
# example3


  1. example1
  2. example2
  3. example3

Halting wiki code

<nowiki>code</nowiki> removes the wiki code, so the text will just appear as text.

Wiki Table Tips

Table Template

{| class="wikitable"
! Column1 Name !! Column2 Name !! Column3 Name
| 1a || 2a || 3a
| 1b || 2b || 3b

It looks like this:

Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b

Sortable Table Template

{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Column1 Name !! Column2 Name !! Column3 Name
| 1a || 2a || 3a
| 1b || 2b || 3b


Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b

Overlapping Rows Table

{| class="wikitable"
! Column1 Name !! Column2 Name !! Column3 Name
| 1a || 2a || rowspan="2" | 3
| 1b || 2b ||


Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a 3
1b 2b

Overlapping Columns Table

{| class="wikitable"
! Column1 Name
! Column2 Name
! Column3 Name
| 1a || colspan="2"| 2a and 3a
| 1b || 2b || 3b


Column1 Name Column2 Name Column3 Name
1a 2a and 3a
1b 2b 3b


{| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
! width=400 | title


Simple collapsible table