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EX Training: Terran Phantoms

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Extreme Training: Terran Phantoms is an Extreme Quest. It costs one Pass Extreme Pass to play a set of five Stages.

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest can be cleared 5 times per week. This counter resets after weekly maintenance.
  • The player's Main Class and Sub Class must be Level 80.
  • This Extreme Quest has 5 Stages.

Stages 1 - 5

Stage Enemies (Lv. 80) Stage Order Ability Up Resistance Notes
Small Medium Large X.Large Weapon Attribute
1 Deus Hunas Don't take damage for 60 seconds! Stage Hazard: Heal Reduction activates after 60 seconds.
2 Wolgahda
Aratron Phemut
In 180 seconds, defeat two enemies with status effects! SwordKnuckles
KatanaDual Blades
LauncherTwin Machineguns
Lightning Aratron Phemut spawns shortly after the Wolgahdas.
Aratron Phemut's lightning bolts can inflict Shock on Wolgahdas.
3 Snow Banshee
Snow Banther
Fang Banshee
Fang Banther
Break 20 parts! Wired LanceDouble Saber
Assault RifleBullet Bow
TalisJet Boots
4 Chrome Dragon
Falz Angel
Apprentice Doppelganger
In 210 seconds, defeat one Chrome Dragon! PartizanKnuckles
Dual BladesLauncher
Twin MachinegunsRod
5 Omega Hunar In 210 seconds, break one part! SwordTwin DaggersLauncherTwin MachinegunsTalisWandJet Boots LightDark Stage Hazard: Damage Floor starts at the beginning of the Stage.