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EX Training: Terran Phantoms

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Extreme Training: Terran Phantoms is an Extreme Quest. It costs one Pass Extreme Pass to play a set of five Stages.

Quest Restrictions

  • This Quest can be cleared 5 times per week. This counter resets after weekly maintenance.
  • The player's Main Class and Sub Class must be Level 80.
  • This Extreme Quest has 5 Stages.

Stages 1 - 5

Stage Enemies (Lv. 80) Stage Order Ability Up Resistance Notes
Small Medium Large X.Large Weapon Attribute
1 Deus Hunas Don't take damage for 60 seconds! Stage Hazard: Heal Reduction activates after 60 seconds.
2 Wolgahda
Aratron Phemut
In 180 seconds, defeat two enemies with status effects! SwordKnuckles
KatanaDual Blades
LauncherTwin Machineguns
Lightning Aratron Phemut spawns shortly after the Wolgahdas.
3 Snow Banshee
Snow Banther
Fang Banshee
Fang Banther
Break 20 parts! Wired LanceDouble Saber
Assault RifleThis icon hasn't been defined. It can be defined here: [[1]]
TalisJet Boots
4 Chrome Dragon
Falz Angel
Apprentice Doppelganger
In 210 seconds, defeat one Chrome Dragon! PartizanKnuckles
Dual BladesLauncher
Twin MachinegunsRod
5 Omega Hunar In 210 seconds, break one part! SwordTwin DaggersLauncherTwin MachinegunsTalisWandJet Boots LightDark Stage Hazard: Damage Floor starts at the beginning of the Stage.