The Casino Area is a place where players can relax by playing fun mini-games. By using a currency known as Casino Coins, players can gamble it all on the games for a chance to win big, then spend it at the Casino Coin Shop for valuable prizes.

Casino Games

There are five kinds of Casino games: Rappy Slots, Mesetan Shooter, Black Nyack, Li Li Roulette, and Arkuma Slots.

Rappy Slots

Rappy Slots Game UI

In this game, you partake in a slot machine game themed around Rappies. The possible bet is between 1 to 5 CC, and it has a low to average payout, except in the case of Jackpots.

To play the game, you must select your Bet value with the Up and Down directional keys/buttons. Once you have selected, press the Confirm button to roll the slots. Each of the nine slots will roll and stop on an icon. You can get a match in any direction, and what payout you get depends on what symbols line up. It's possible to get multiple matches simultaneously, which will multiply your earnings.

Three lined up Rappy Coins and a Full Fever Meter

There are also special events that can occur when rolling the slots.

  • Slot Door: If a potential match arises, the screen will zoom in and the slot window will close. It will then reopen with a result.
  • Running Rappy: If a potential match fails, there is a chance that a Rappy will run across the screen and cause slots in that row to reroll, including the slot that failed to match. This also has a chance to fail, which is depicted by the Rappy tripping.
  • Rappy Stampede: If a potential match fails, there is a chance that a horde of Rappies will run across the screen and cause several slots to reroll at once. This typically has a very high chance to create matches.
  • Falling Rappy: If a potential match fails, there is a chance that a Rappy will fall on the slot that failed to match, causing it to reroll.
  • Falling Rappy Stampede: If a potential match fails, there is a chance that a ton of Rappies will fall on the screen, causing several slots to reroll, including the slot that failed to match.
Triggering a Rappy PSE

Whenever you match up three Gold Rappy Icons, a Fever meter on the left side of the screen increments by one symbol. When you reach five symbols, all but one of the slot windows will close and the central slot will roll. Press the Confirm button to stop the slot; if it stops on a Wild symbol, the game will enter PSE Burst Chance Mode. In PSE Burst Chance Mode, the central slot is always a Wild, and you have greatly boosted odds of getting a match.

If you manage to line up three Wild Icons (either in PSE Burst Chance Mode or in normal mode), Rappy PSE Burst Mode will activate. In Rappy PSE Burst Mode, you have greatly boosted odds of getting a match, and any Wild Icons you roll will lock and stay for subsequent rolls. At this point, if you manage to lock a Wild in all 9 Slots, you will win the Jackpot.

Mesetan Shooter

Mesetan Shooter is a shooting gallery game where you and up to three friends fire at Mesetans and try to earn as much CC as possible. You can either pay 100 CC to play Bronze Mode, or 200 CC to play Silver Mode, and the potential payout is above average.

To play Mesetan Shooter, interact with one of the booths in the Casino Lobby and select your play mode. There are two play modes: Bronze Mode and Silver Mode. Silver Mode costs twice as much CC to initiate, but all CC gains are doubled while playing in Silver Mode. After selecting your mode, you will enter Mesetan Shooter. Following a 10 second waiting period (skipped if player limit is reached), the game begins.

During each Wave, Mesetans will appear on the stage. Fire at the Mesetans with your Attack/PA/Lock-On button while aiming with the mouse/right analog stick and move with the directional keys/left analog stick. When enough damage is dealt to a Mesetan, it will be defeated and drop Coins. Dropped Coins will roll down a pegged board in front of you; move your Catcher towards the Coin, and if the Coin falls into your Catcher, the value of the Coin will be added to your total.

There are three kinds of Mesetans in Mesetan Shooter:

  • Bronze Mesetan: Drops three Bronze Coins when defeated. A Bronze Coin is worth 1 CC.
  • Silver Mesetan: Drops two Silver Coins when defeated. A Silver Coin is worth 3 CC.
  • Gold Mesetan: Drops a Gold Coin when defeated. May also rarely drop a Rainbow Coin.

In addition, there are special enemies that will appear. These are:

  • King Mesetan: A giant Mesetan that takes up the majority of the stage. Moves slowly and has high health, but if defeated, will drop a lot of Coins of assorted variety.
  • Nyau: Runs across the bottom of the stage while jumping to avoid shots. If shot, Nyau will disappear and drop a power-up.
  • Mr. Umblla: Floats around for a little bit before disappearing. If shot, Mr. Umblla will become angry and drop several Bombs. If non shot for a sufficient amount of time, it will disappear while leaving behind some assorted Coins and power-ups.
  • Mr. Boing: Appears around the right or left sides of the stage during the beginning of a Wave. If his bottle is shot, Mr. Boing will appear and drop a Double Orb before disappearing.
  • Queen Mesetan: Only appears in PSE Bursts. An utterly massive Mesetan that serves as a boss battle. Occasionally drops Bombs and other Coins. If defeated within the time limit, it will disappear, automatically grant all players Big Catcher for the remainder of the wave, and start raining tons of Coins from the Stage.

The pickups you can encounter in Mesetan Shooter include:

  • Bronze Coin: Grants 1 CC. Doubles to 2 CC in Silver Mode.
  • Silver Coin: Grants 3 CC. Doubles to 6 CC in Silver Mode.
  • Gold Coin: Grants 5 CC. Doubles to 10 CC in Silver Mode.
  • Rainbow Coin: Grants 10 CC. Doubles to 20 CC in Silver Mode. Unlike other pickups, any player who picks up a Rainbow Coin will automatically add its value to all players in the current game.
  • Bomb: Subtracts 5 CC from your total. Doubles to 10 CC in Silver Mode.
  • Red Bomb: Subtracts 10 CC from your total. Doubles to 20 CC in Silver Mode.
  • Power Up: A colorful ball that powers up your character. Power Ups last 30 seconds of in-game time, and persist between Waves.
    • Power UP: Transforms your cannonballs into bombs. Slows down the rate of fire, but bombs generate a wide explosion upon contact and deal double damage.
    • Speed UP: Your Catcher's movement speed is upgraded. You can even move at full speed while firing shots.
    • Big Catcher: Your Catcher doubles in width.
  • Double Orb: A black and rainbow orb dropped by Mr. Boing. If collected, your Catcher becomes supercharged and doubles the value of all Coins and Bombs you collect until the next Wave.

Black Nyack

Black Nyack is a strategic card game where you have to play against the dealer, Nyau, and try to get cards that get as close to a value of 21 without going over. This is like Black Jack, except with a few twists. You can bet 10 to 50 CC on this game, and the potential payout is average.

To play Black Nyack, you must enter a table and select a bet. Once the timer reaches 0, or the table is filled and all players select their bet, the game will start. Nyau will deal out two cards to every player, including himself. One card is set face down which only the player can see, while the other is face up for the rest of the table to see. When your turn rolls around, you may choose to Hit, Stay, or Double Down. If you Hit, you ask the dealer to give you another card, which cannot be seen by other players. If you Stay, you stop for the round. If you Double Down, you double your bet at the risk of drawing one card. If your card total goes over 21, you Bust, and you lose the round.

When all players have either Busted, Stayed, or Doubled Down, all facedown cards are revealed, and the dealer flips over his own card and starts drawing. If the dealer reaches a value of 17 or over, he must stop drawing, and the game is decided based on the dealer's final value; anyone below the dealer loses, anyone tied with the dealer ties, and anyone higher without Busting wins. The only exception is special win conditions, which bypass certain rules. However, Nyau is slightly different as a dealer; if his resulting value is lower or equal to that of another player, there is a chance that he will Hit again despite being over 17 (indicated by a "!" symbol); this gives Nyau a very high chance to Bust, but if he is lucky, he can cause players to lose.

In addition to the regular rules, there are SP Cards. These are gold cards with a star design in them and a incremental counter in the center. There are four SP Cards in the deck, and are always dealt face up. When a SP Card is dealt, a die ranging from 0 to 2 is rolled; the value that is face up on the die roll causes the value of the SP Card to increase by that number. This increase applies to all SP Cards, and another die is rolled for every SP Card on the table. If Nyau draws an SP Card, he rolls a purple die that has doubled values (0 to 4).

There are four ways to win Black Nyack.

  • Higher than Dealer: Your card total is higher than the dealer's, but is lower than 21. You earn 2x your Bet.
  • Black Nyack: Your card total equals 21. You earn an extra 200 CC in addition to 2x your Bet. Nothing is won if the Dealer also gets a Black Nyack.
  • 5 Card: Your hand has five cards without Busting. You earn an extra 300 CC in addition to 2x your Bet. Can stack with Black Nyacks. Beats a Black Nyack if the Dealer gets one.
  • 3 SP: Your hand has 3 SP Cards in it. Can stack with 5 Cards and Black Nyacks. Beats 5 Cards if the Dealer gets one.

When starting any round of Black Nyack, there is also a chance for a Battle Bonyas to occur, the rate of which is boosted during a Casino Boost. When a Battle Bonyas is active, winning the round under certain conditions will add a Battle Bonyas to your winnings that gives you a lot of extra CC.

Arkuma Slots

Arkuma Slots is a high risk, high reward Casino game where you fly through space while trying to avoid being attacked by the Falz Arms. The game costs 500 CC to play, and has a potentially high payout. To play Arkuma Slots, you must access a slot machine and pay 500 CC. Once you have paid, the game begins.

The game takes the form of a simple slot machine with three reels. Pressing the Confirm button will roll the reels, and depending on the result, a value will be added to your pot.

  • Arkuma: 10 CC
  • Arkmami: 30 CC
  • Arkuma + Arkmami: 50 CC

If you roll all three results, you will also earn a Completion Bonus. The Completion Bonus starts at 100 CC, and increases to 300 CC, then 500 CC for every Completion Bonus you score.

If you line up three Falz Arms, a Battle Game will start where two to four Falz Arms will appear onscreen. You will be asked to pick a Falz Arm, which your ship will attack. After the animation plays, you will reach a result; if the Falz Arm you picked blows up, your pot is multiplied by a percentage value, but if the Falz Arm you picked has a force field, it will attack your ship and your pot will become 0, and the game will end.

The way the game progresses is in Stages. When you pass a Stage without losing your pot to Falz Arms, the Stage counter will go up by 1, indicated by a marker at the top of the screen. There are 30 Stages, and as you go up in Stages, the chance to get Falz Arms increases. If you reach Stage 30 without losing, you will enter a special Battle Game where Dark Falz Elder appears. You have six spaces to pick from, and all spaces will increase your pot by a massive multiplier, after which the game will end.

Casino Coin Shop

Normal Prizes

Rarity Image Name Price Notes
6 Grinder.png Grinder
100CC Material used for enhancing weapon and armor units 1 to 12 and Skill Rings of grind level +1 or higher.
6 Synthesizer.png Synthesizer
100CC Material used for enhancing Old Type weapon elements and as currency in the Pet Goods Shop.

Limited Prizes

Rarity Image Name Price Notes
5 UIItemStarGem.png 10 Star Gems
1,000CC When received, immediately rewards 10 SG.
5 UIItemStarGem.png 5 Star Gems
1,700CC When received, immediately rewards 5 SG.
6 ExtremePass.png Extreme Pass
500CC Entry pass required to start Extreme Quests.
7 UIItemCrystal.png Galeru Crystal
300CC Used as currency in the God Stone Exchange.
7 UIItemCrystal.png Yulungur Crystal
300CC Used as currency in the God Stone Exchange.
7 Grinder.png Lambda Grinder
250CC Material used for enhancing 13 to 15 rarity weapons, and Skill Rings of grind level +10 or higher.
6 UIItemAdvanceCapsule.png Advance Capsule d
250CC Required for SH Advanced Quests: Forest, Tunnels, Urban, Coast, & Facility.
6 UIItemAdvanceCapsule.png Advance Capsule e
250CC Required for SH Advanced Quests: Volcanic Caverns, Tundra, Ruins, Quarry, & Kuron.
6 UIItemAdvanceCapsule.png Advance Capsule f
250CC Required for SH Advanced Quests: Desert, Skyscape, Sanctum, Seabed, & Shironia.