Austere Edge

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Austere Edge
Rarity: UIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarBlueIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarGreenIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarRedIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarGoldIcon.pngUIStarRainbowIcon.png
Req: This icon hasn't been defined. It can be defined here: [[1]]
Type: Double Saber
Classes: Fighter
Darkness Release
Lv. 1
Boosts damage by 6%, PP recovery rate increased by 10%
Lv. 2
Boosts damage by 9%, PP recovery rate increased by 10%
Lv. 3
Boosts damage by 12%, PP recovery rate increased by 10%

Drop Info

Additional Info

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